Alsic participe au projet européen "language learning and social media"

Thématique générale

A unique mix of activities exploring the relationship of language learning and social media in the web 2.0 era: Participatory debates, award-winning competitions, policy recommendations and reports, scientific publications and field studies.

By placing “language learning and social media” at the core of the network, the 14 partner institutions of national, European and international reach will examine 6 key dimensions of this combination. These fundamental dimensions are:

1. Language learning, social media and social inclusion
2. Language learning, social media and development of language resources
3. Language learning and teaching through social media in new EU countries: the case of Romania, Latvia and Poland
4. Language learning, social media and multilingualism
5. Language learning through social media: evolution of teaching practices
6. Language learning and teaching in formal and non formal contexts through ICT

Each dimension (or key dialogue) is enriched by analysis and exploitation of data related to the topic. Reports, comparative studies, special issues of online journals, field analysis and open competitions complete the range of network outcomes.

Prochain événement (28 avril 2010)
Rethinking social inclusion through Web 2.0. What’s in hold for the future of language education?

28.04.2010, Turku (Finland) and broadcasted live via videoconferencing (link available soon)
Invited speakers: Prof. Gráinne Conole (The Open University, UK) and Prof. Ruth Hillman (Åbo Akademi, Finland).
Moderators: Prof. Fred Dervin and Prof. Eija Suomela-Salmi.
In the framework of Key dialogue 1 - Language learning, social media and social inclusion.